Is your dog overweight?

I thought the problem of excess weight will never affect my little Hektor, but it unfortunately did. Of course, the problem was not big and we easily managed to make him weigh less, but from now on, we have to be more careful and keep monitoring: what and how many times a day he eats. Hektor weighs 7 kg now, but a month ago his weight was over 8 kg. Our vet said that we should feed him only once – twice a day and that should be rather dry food than food from a can. He advised of course that we should walk and play with him a lot to make him keep moving. We started to give him a carrot as well. Carrot is healthy, it does not make him fat and he has a lot of great fun trying to manage to eat it somehow. Hektor is a healthy, happy puppy (he is only 6 months) and we are very lucky we have him. We will do everything to keep him in the best shape and never ever make him fat again. You can also find some useful tips here if you want your dog to be fit and healthy.


My Hektor – picture by me (KF)


Hektor. The best dog in the world.

Picture by me (KF)

Picture by me (KF)

Picture by me (KF)

Picture by me (KF)

If I would recommend a dog’s breed for you, that would be definitely a Pug. I’m crazy in love with my little, 5 months old, Hektor and I will never stop telling people: this breed is absolutely gorgeous! Hektor was 2 months old when my boyfriend brought him home. That was a surprise for me, cause I expected to buy a Pug together next week. I came back home and I couldn’t believe, that the cutest dog from magazines and all the images in internet and short films on You Tube is actually in my living room: sleeping and snoring. That was definitely the nicest gift I’ve ever got.

Pugs are very trendy at the moment. They are actually everywhere: on billboards, on TV, on Facebook, in ads. We are laughing with boyfriend, that we’ve got Hektor at the right time. Every time we walk with him down the street, there is no chance to just pass unnoticed. People love him! They stop, caress him and ask questions. And Hektor like it! He’s never aggressive; he never bites anyone.

He’s well trained as well. My boyfriend takes his time to teach him all the tricks and they both enjoy! Hektor is a very clever dog. Once  trained, he remembers all the tricks and is ready to learn more. There’s a very useful guide about training our little puppies here.  It doesn’t only refers to Pugs, cause any other breed can be trained from first months as well. I’m going to quote few very important sentences from this page. If you have a dog, there’s a lot YOU can learn and then teach your beloved one!

Pugs are family dogs – this breed loves having people around. Pugs are gentle with children. This dog loves to play and is always ready, particularly with kids. (…) A trained Pug will listen and can safely be allowed freedom more than an untrained one. It is important to know that a disciplined Pug is more confident is a wonderful smart, soulful and people-oriented companion. (…) Remember socialization is also an important part of the training because you don’t want to end up with a fearful or aggressive Pug. One of the most prevalent qualities of Pug dogs is its intelligence, along with its stubbornness. When you understand the Pug ‘s intelligence and stubbornness, you’ll be able to handle it well, and avoid problems while disciplining and training them. (borrowed from Pugvillage).

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