Is your dog overweight?

I thought the problem of excess weight will never affect my little Hektor, but it unfortunately did. Of course, the problem was not big and we easily managed to make him weigh less, but from now on, we have to be more careful and keep monitoring: what and how many times a day he eats. Hektor weighs 7 kg now, but a month ago his weight was over 8 kg. Our vet said that we should feed him only once – twice a day and that should be rather dry food than food from a can. He advised of course that we should walk and play with him a lot to make him keep moving. We started to give him a carrot as well. Carrot is healthy, it does not make him fat and he has a lot of great fun trying to manage to eat it somehow. Hektor is a healthy, happy puppy (he is only 6 months) and we are very lucky we have him. We will do everything to keep him in the best shape and never ever make him fat again. You can also find some useful tips here if you want your dog to be fit and healthy.


My Hektor – picture by me (KF)


Carnival in Brazil

At the beginning of this year, in February, me and my boyfriend went to Brazil to visit our friends. That was a time of an amazing carnival in whole Brazil. We were in Sao Paulo, where the event is the most spectacular. We regretted a bit that we could not see another great event, in Rio de Janeiro, but the road traffic was to big to get to the city. Anyway, we had a great fun in Sao Paulo and  I took hundreds of pictures. I am posting some examples of them below, but if this is not enough for you, here you can find some amazing pictures taken by professionals at this year’s carnival in Sao Paulo. Enjoy!


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)

One Little Happiness

My friend, Paula, runs a very nice blog about her everyday life, inspirations and, what is the most important, about her baby, few months old Marcelina. It is called: One Little Happiness. Paula has only few post, but she already has a lot of fans and followers. Just take a look at the comment section! She writes very long and interesting stories and adds a lot pictures of Marcelina, her house and everything, what inspires her. Check it out, if you are interested, what is new in baby fashion and home decorating . Paula writes in Polish, so I hope there will be no problem to understand her while the blog translates her posts to English.

Picture by me (KF) from One Little Happiness

Christmas gift ideas

There is always the same rush before Christmas; we never know what gifts to get for our beloved ones. Fortunately  there are a lot of places, where we can find a whole bunch of Christmas gift ideas: for teenagers, husband/boyfriend and wife /girlfriend. A small  example below.

Teenage-Christmas-Gifts-Ideas.jpg (800×595)

Picture credit

Christmas behind a glass

It happens every year, in any place in the world. The Christmas comes first in shop windows. In Dublin, there is a silent competition between the biggest shops, I think. The shop windows are more and more beautiful every year and probably even more expensive. But it is worth it! I am come in more often to shops, where the windows are rich and artfully created. Pictures below, which I took last year, depict Kilkenny’s shop window on Nassau Street in Dublin.


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)


Picture by me (KF)

Fake and Pro Photographer

The video above is a short documentary film about faking a professional photographer. They have chosen an IT guy and tough him how to look and behave like a pro in one week only. He did not know much about photography, but they managed to teach him basics in technical and visual aspects of photography. One week later the “fake” photographer was asked to take some professional pictures of a wedding couple. How did he manage? Well… One thing is crucial: you can not be a professional photographer if you only know how to set the right exposure and how to achieve shallow or maximum depth of field. Being a pro is all about being in control with a situation and having a confidence in what you are doing. Experience is crucial – there is no chance to learn photography in a week.