High ISO Photography

I am doing a photo project tomorrow and I have to use a high ISO film, because there will be very low light conditions. I am shooting in my friend house, afternoon. I was looking for ISO 1600 film all day long, but I could not find any. They stopped producing this kind of film in B&W colour in Ireland. All I could get was ISO 3200 B&W film, so during processing my film next week I will have to pull it, to get the effect of ISO 1600.

High ISO film or high ISO set up in a digital camera gives a really nice grainy effect, great with B&W documentary photography. Photographer Darren Rowse writes in his article that “Grainy or noisy shots can give your image a gritty and raw quality that creates a completely different mood in your shots”. He adds as well that manufacturers of digital cameras are now even better in eliminating noise from the images shoot at very high ISO speed, so it is very difficult to get really nice grain shooting in digital. “In the ‘old day’s of film this was a lot easier to do as high ISO films naturally had lovely gritty grain to them”. So I am really happy that I am shooting with my film camera tomorrow. I cannot wait to see the results.


Photo by Onkel Wart

55130d1266966441-high-iso-black-white-no-noise-reduction-look-noisybaby.jpg (801×600)

Photo credit

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