Let’s start in B&W

Ela by Kasia Foxińska

Picture by me (KF)

This B&W shot of Ela is one of my favourites and comes from the album “Ela as a  Cover Girl” by Kasia Foxińska* from August 2012. The pictures were taken at home. I dream about a big, bright photo studio in the future, but all I have for now is my small, sunny living room. At least it’s sunny.

This is what I really like about people I photograph: the way they pose, the way they engage with me without words. There’s a big power and talent in a photographer if a model is a 100% relaxed and self-confident in a front of camera.  The picture above shows how easy is to take photos and have a nice time at the same time if there is a special connection between a photographer and a model. Connection  made just at the beginning of the photo-shoot. This is definitely a subject for a separate post about a portrait, which I’m going to write soon. Let’s keep in touch.

*Kasia Foxińska is my nickname. You are all welcome to visit my first blog established in 2011: kasiafoxinska.blogspot.com


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