Why photography?

Picture by me (KF)

Picture by me (KF)

“Why photography?” Hmmm… Why do I need to study photography and pay so much for a college if almost everyone can take nice pictures and learn for free from thousands of tutorials on You Tube? Why do I want to be a photographer if anyone who has a professional digital SLR can call himself a photographer?

I have been taking pictures for the last 3 years since I’ve got my first professional camera. I have learned a lot, but I am still seeking for improvement. This is why I’ve moved my hobby to the next level. I want to find an answer: “Where to go with my photography?” and “How to take care for my photographic passion to grow it bigger and not to scare it?’ I hope there’s an answer in Griffith College.

My goal for the next few months is to become confident about my camera.  I want to be a 100% sure of my skills anytime I want to take a picture and anytime I will be ask for it. I want to take 20 out of 20 great pictures, not 20 out of 200 I took. I want  to be conscious of my photographic knowledge and use it to take beautiful and sophisticated photographs. I want to meet photographers and start learning from them. I want to be a real photographer.


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One response to “Why photography?

  1. shuttermaniac

    Love the Landscape shot, great use of light leaks. You have a definite skill playing with light.

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